Hey there! I am a college student attending the University of St. Cloud in Minnesota. I have been an avid gamer ever since my dad put a controller in my hands, I grew up playing playstation and my gameboy. I find that vide games influence my art style and I like to include it in my art because it has been such a important part of me. I find that games are truly an artform and it is a great way to express an idea or concept.

Name: Ryan Pedesen
Age: 22
Interest: Drawing, Sketching, reading, Photography, watching movies, ,Dark Beer, Listening to 90's rock.
Fandoms: Legend of Zelda, Mario, Nintendo, Halo, Gundam, Amnesia, Alien, Aliens, Prometheus, Skyrim, Portal, Portal II, Final Fantasy IV, Doctor Who, Metroid, Walking Dead, H.P. Lovecraft, Harry Potter, Limbo, 90's/Classic/Alt/Punk rock, Horror games, Sci-fi, Fantasy






Video Game Box Art

I’m doing a project for class where I have to design a product line so I am going to design a product line based on video game packaging. I am thinking of creating games I have been constructing in my head and use that as part of my product line but I am also asking indie game developers if I can have their permission to use their titles in my product line I have gotten permission to make the Anodyne box art, anybody know any others?